About Logo


For the logo design to "The Museum of Opal and Minerals," we inquired about the Sierra Madre Occidental (SMO), since the typography of the letters "M" that was chosen, was specifically for the purpose of representing the SMO, for their important contributions to the Mexican mining industry.

The lines used for the monogram "M" represent the simplest and pure form of expression, but also the most dynamic and varied. The lines represent a connection or relationship between two or more entities, and were given a silver hue, with Mexico the world leader in production of silver (eight years in a row), and a golden hue, both by its importance within the Mexican mining as its partnerships with valuable, the good and happiness, culminating in a perfect correlation of lines as part of the identifier graphic for the museum.

And to add elements representing fire opal, we incorporated a circumference within the bottom of the characteristic colors in the opal, trying to imitate the iridescence of the siliceous mineraloid, this circumference, represents the infinite possibilities for the company, being the circle the archetypal form from which are extracted all other existing shapes, and more typically symbolizing the sensation of eternity, perfection and unity. So, it was all put within a circle of color and texture of the obsidian, that, historically, has been used in the creation of different articles, ranging from essential objects for hunting to ornamental figures, dating back to the pre-Hispanic era. Reiterating the importance, in the field of museology, the beautiful stones and minerals to exhibit within the Museum of Opal and minerals.